Čo robíme? Týždeň v Lige /10.-14. júla 2017/

By Raphael Leung

Another productive week for the Human Rights League!

Justice for Refugees – Long-term Residence Permit GRANTED!

With a long-overdue period of application, one of clients have finally been granted with long-term residence in Slovakia. Just like anyone living here, he has been striving for not only improving his living condition by working hard over the years, but contributing to our local economy. May we congratulate him on the successful application and wish him all the best for any future endeavours here.

(Our client even went to our Bratislava Office today and offered our lawyer a lovely treat)


Intern interviewed by journalist from Dennik N

One of our Interns from Hong Kong – Raphael – participated in an experiment organised by a journalist from Dennik N, followed by an interview regarding his view on refugees here. In the experiment, Raphael was given the new address of the Foreign Police Office and was required to travel by himself from our Office all the way towards the proposed location of the Foreign Police Office near Vajnory (Figures 1 and 2) . It was a challenging task for even a local but he did manage to reach the proposed location with slightly above an hour of hectic journey by bus and tram. Astonished by the remoteness and inconvenience of the transportation, it is of his view that “any reasonable person could infer from the proposed location of Foreign Police Office the incumbent Government’s reluctance to embrace the values of diversity, equality and tolerance given such inconvenience imposed for foreign nationals”. Indeed, the hours of waiting for non-EU nationals could go all the way up to 36 hours with them queuing outside the office – not to mention what would happen to them during the freezing days. More to follow next week in the paper – stay tuned.

(Figures 1 and 2: The proposed location of Foreign Police Office – situated in the middle of nowhere)


Humenne camp REVISTED

This week, our colleagues from the Košice Office have travelled to the Humenne camp to conduct interviews with some of our new clients. As part of the procedure in preparing for court proceedings, it is of HRL’s responsibility to meet with our clients frequently to solicit relevant backgrounds and facts about their country of origin as well as their personal circumstances.


COURT issue

Our colleagues in the Košice Office have been preparing appeal to the court of a client from eastern Ukraine. Even though his wife received asylum for humanitarian reasons, law does not allow for family reunification in cases of humanitarian asylum. He received negative decision. Now we need to rely on court or apply for residence. Residence is tricky, however, because first of all he needs to submit it in Ukraine at Slovak embassy and what is more important as a family member of a foreigner with permanent residence, his temporary residence will not allow him to work for the first 12 months. Result is that lady who received humanitarian asylum because of her bad health condition should choose not to live with her husband or act as his sponsor for the next 12 months.


Preparation on the Forum of Integration agenda – ONGOING

Scheduled to be held at October in Košice, our colleagues in the Košice Office have been meeting people who are potential partners and speakers at the Forum of Integration and have found a new intern who will help with this. Forum in Integration will be dedicated to social innovations in integration, mainly for finding employment or self-employement of disadvantaged persons, including our clients among refugees. If you know about some interesting social innovation, especially in eastern Slovakia, Košice region, we would be happy to hear from you. Together with Timea Lazorčáková, our legal intern in Košice, who have helped with translations, we have continued in campaigning to end child detention on our web and in social media. We have translated inputs from International Detention Coalition global campaign as well as prepared our own messages relevant for the Slovak context. We have also prepared a case study about our advocacy activities for foreign partners, as we would like to raise more funds to continue with the campaign, which shall bring more results in the long run.


Country of Origin Information (COI) Reports are now on-the-go

With more clients seeking for HRL’s legal advice, we are in the process of preparing a few more COI Reports. More to be updated soon – stay tuned.

15th July 2017