Climate change, its impact on world & climate refugees

Join us at the discussion in English language where you'll find out what impacts the climate changes have and who are the climate refugees.
The event is organized by the Human Rights League, Minority Rights Group International and Svet medzi riadkami. 

Research indicates that the planetary climate is changing at a rate that has exceeded most scientific forecasts. Several families and communities have already started to suffer from the consequences of climate change, which has forced them to leave their homes. It especially concerns the most vulnerable people who are marginalised already and did not contribute to the problem themselves, yet they will bear the brunt of the most severe impacts.
According to estimates climate change alone will force more than 140 millions to flee their homes, among them the most vulnerable minorities and indigenous peoples.

• How does climate change manifests itself in the most imperilled countries and communities?
• What is the reality of those most vulnerable?
• Is it still possible to help the situation so those people would not have to flee their homes?
• And how does (or doesn’t) the world react?
• Can we speak about climate refugees? What about international law?

Come to find answers and join the discussion! 

The event will take place in on 27th June 2019 at 19:00 and will be held in English.

Discussion information is regularly updated on this page.

This discussion is supported within the project Migration Compass funded from the Operational Programme Effective Public Administration of the European Social Fund.