Discussion with the authors and heroes of the comic book Uletenci in Martinus

From Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Ethiopia and Iraq to Slovakia. The journey of the main protagonists of the comic book Uletenci is sad and cheerful, exciting and poetic, cruel as well as romantic. What is it like to leave everything familiar behind - family, friends and hometown - and start again in a foreign country with new rules and language?
Meet the authors and two of the main protagonists of the comic book Uletenci - Khadra from Ethiopia and Faisal from Afghanistan in Martinus bookstore on 19 March 2019 at 18:00. The discussion will be led by Zuzana Golianová in the Slovak language. 

The book is designed mostly for children and enable them to look into the life of a refugee through authentic stories. The stories are divided into two parts, with one part focusing on their life back in their home country, and the other part focusing on their life in Slovakia. The comics focus on the joyful and funny remembrances of childhood rather than the traumatic experiences of the main characters, as well as their daily joys and concerns living in Slovakia. The stories are based on real facts and actual narratives of the main characters. The author of the comics compiled the stories by conducting interviews with foreign immigrants over a long period of time. Although the stories feature fictional side characters at times, the main information on the lives of the characters as well as their childhood memories are based on actual facts and events.

The comic book was published by the NGO Human Rights League that supports refugees and foreigners in Slovakia since 2005. In HRL we believe that Slovakia can be a new home for refugees and can provide women, men and children security, stability and a new beginning.

This activity is supported within the project Migration Compass by the European Social Fund's Efficient Public Administration Operational Program.

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