Alexandra Waksmanská

Alexandra Waksmanská is 22 year old. She comes from a small village near Bardejov. She is a law student of the Faculty of Law at the Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice. Her hobbies include reading books, hiking, fashion and delicious coffee. She learnt about the Human Rights League at the Asylum law clinic run at her university. Within the clinic, Alexandra had the opportunity to participate in real cases of clients and also to visit the Police Detention Centre for Foreigners in Sečovce. In 2019, she worked at the Vasil and partners Law Firm in Košice, however, she has realised that working in a law firm is not her "cup of coffee" and would like her career to take a different direction. She would like to help people which is a reason why she has signed up for an internship in the Human Rights League, where she feels that she has found the right place for it. In the Human Rights League, Alexandra conducts research on information on the countries of origin of asylum seekers, which serves as supporting evidence in the asylum procedure.

You can contact Alexandra at: