Lukáš Novák

Lukáš is a law student of the Faculty of Law at Masaryk University with an expected graduation in 2021. He also pursues a Master's degree programme in the European Studies at the Faculty of Social Studies of the same university. In the past, he worked as an intern in the Czech Centre for Human Rights and Democracy, in which he participated in preparation of a monthly bulletin focused on human rights. Furthermore, he also did an internship for the Supreme Administrative Court of the Czech Republic. Currently, Lukáš works as an intern in the Human Rights League, where he participates on various tasks. For the Let´s Give Refugees a Chance IV project, he was preparing several legal researches for the forthcoming analysis of the exercise of the right to compensation for unlawful detention of foreigners. Moreover, Lukáš cooperates on the Refugee Empowerment for Labour Market Integration project. He is responsible for conducting interviews with employers to investigate what motivates them to employ refugees or, on the contrary, which are the factors that discourage them from offering refugees a job position.

Lukáš was motivated to take the internship in the Human Rights League mainly because the work enables him to utilise experiences and knowledge from both of his studies. Topic of migration was never unfamiliar to him and he even chose to write about the politics of migration in his bachelor´s thesis for which he received an award.

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