Social Insurance Agency and social benefits

Measures related to COVID-19 and information concerning the possibility of receiving social benefits, information concerning the provision of social services, the operation of social services facilities, etc. can be found here. Only selected social benefits are listed below.
Social insurance benefits are paid by the Social Insurance Agency upon request and can be received by persons who participated in the social insurance system - employees, self-employed persons and voluntary illness-insured persons (DNPO). In the current COVID-19 crisis situation, the following benefits are eligible: nursing (caregiver) benefits (OČR), sickness benefits (PN) and unemployment benefits. Other benefits are paid according to standard procedures. The Social Insurance Agency prefers electronic communication (applications for benefits can be sent by e-mail a Word format – signature is not needed). More information can be found on the website of the Social Insurance Agency here or here
After the amendment to the Social Insurance Act from 27 March 2020, only during the duration of the crisis situation in connection with COVID-19:
  1. The insured person (employee, self-employed person, DNPO) shall be entitled to nursing (caregiver) benefits after 1 September 2020 if (updated to 28.8.2020):
In the context of the beginning of September and the current pandemic situation, some procedures for applying for a pandemic nursing/caregiver benefits (pandemické ošetrovné/OČR) are changing.
Are parents allowed to stay at home with their child and receive a nursing/caregiver benefit, at their own discretion (without a doctor's confirmation), if they are concerned that their child will become infected in kindergarten or school? Are parents, resp. relatives allowed to stay at home with a child/adult who is otherwise placed in a social services facility and receive pandemic nursing/caregiver benefit (pandemické ošetrovné/OČR)?
  1. In the case of children who are compulsory school children, it means if they are pupils of schools, as of September the parent cannot arbitrarily leave the child at home if he/she fears a pandemic, as this would violate the school law. Mode of interruption of teaching in school classes, it means closure of these parts of schools, as of 1 September 2020 will be re-adjusted by a decision of the Minister of Education, which is being prepared.
  • Therefore, only those eligible persons who will take care of children under 11 years of age (up to 18 years of age with children with a long-term unfavorable health condition) whose class has been closed by the school principal in accordance with the above-mentioned decision of the Minister of Education will be entitled to pandemic nursing/caregiver benefit (pandemické ošetrovné/OČR).
  • However, if the parent will take care of a sick child under 16 years of age, it means a child whose health has suddenly deteriorated and the attending physician has therefore confirmed his need for treatment will also be entitled to pandemic nursing/caregiver benefit (pandemické ošetrovné/OČR) from 1st September 2020.
  1. The situation will be different for children attending kindergarten. As attendance at a pre-school facility is not mandatory by law, same procedures as before will be applied to this group of children until a possible change in the Social Insurance Act, it means pandemic nursing/caregiver benefit (pandemické ošetrovné/OČR) will be entitled to eligible persons whose child will not attend a class in a nursery that has been closed and also to eligible persons whose child does not attend kindergarten due to coronavirus fear.
  2. The situation remains unchanged for children who are not yet attending kindergarten and for close relatives who are provided care in social services facilities, it means the eligible persons will continue to be entitled to pandemic nursing/caregiver benefit (pandemické ošetrovné/OČR) even if they decide not to place a child or a close relative in the facility for fear of coronavirus. 
The difference between a "classic" nursing/caregiver benefit and a "pandemic" nursing/caregiver (pandemické ošetrovné/OČR) is that a pandemic nursing/caregiver benefit is provided indefinitely throughout the crisis. "Classic" nursing is only provided for 10 calendar days.
Entitlement to pandemic nursing/caregiver benefit is assessed at the first need for treatment or care during a crisis situation. After submitting an application for a pandemic nursing and entitlement to the benefit, the benefit will be paid only if the insured person submits a solemn declaration at the end of the relevant month and only for the days during which the insured person personally and fully cared for the child or nursed the child, resp. another close relative.
The information is subject to frequent changes, it is necessary to follow the website of the Social Insurance Agency and the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sports of the Slovak Republic.
Useful links:
  1. Entitlement to sickness benefits with respect to COVID-19 (PN)
An employee, self-employed person and DNPO recognized as temporarily incapable of work due to a quarantine measure or isolation will be entitled to sickness benefits equal to 55% of the daily assessment base from the first day of temporary inability to work. The sickness benefit from the first day of temporary inability to work will be paid by the Social Insurance Agency.
In the case of inability to work due to other reasons, the standard procedure applies. More information can be found here
  1. Unemployment benefits
Employees and self-employed persons who have lost their jobs can apply to the Social Insurance Agency for an unemployment benefit. The unemployment benefit is paid for 6 months. However, he/she must register at the Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family among the Register of unemployed persons, and these can only be: EU citizens and their family members, long-term residents, asylees and persons with subsidiary protection.
More information can be found here and here.
  1. Parental Allowance – prolongation
During this time, the parental allowance from The Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family is extended to parents who lost their entitlement to it in March 2020 but have no job to which they could return to and have no other income. It will be paid until the end of the emergency situation. More information can be found here

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