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Watch real stories of refugees who have got a chance and found new home in Slovakia.

Faisal is a young man who came to Slovakia as separated child. In Afghanistan he could not finish his education, which is very important to him. In Slovakia, he completed elementary school and now continues at the high school. 

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Faisal is one of those who has got a chance in Slovakia. Support him by sharing this video with hashtag #dajmesancuutecenom 

Naima is young refugee from Somalia. She lives in Slovakia with her family - parents and brothers. She studied high school in the town of Trnava and now studies at the Commenius University in Bratislava. Previously, she volunteered for UNICEF and she has been helping to other refugees with translation and cultural mediation in Slovakia. 

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Naima and her family have got a chance in Slovakia. Support them by sharing this video including hashtag #dajmesancuutecencom
Marina and her family are refugees. They were forced to leave Ukraine because of the war. At home she was an artist, she studied music and conducting. In Kosice, where is her new home, she works as hairdresser. Marina is one of the refugees to whom Slovakia has given a chance to start a new life. 

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