At the Human Rights League, we have been trying to help people on the run coming to us from Ukraine since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. We have already invested considerable human and financial resources in helping them, which today: All these and other activities would not be possible without the great financial and non-financial support we receive. 

Therefore, we would like to thank: 
  • to the volunteers who are with us, we appreciate it very much.
  • to the lawyers who are involved in legal advice on the line, via email or at the station, you are amazing :)
  • To the Legal Aid Centre who have provided us with their staffing capacity on both the station and the line
  • Thank you to Slovak Telekom for their material and financial help in setting up and running the 0800 222 350 helpline, we couldn't have done it without you and we really appreciate your help. 

Accenture Slovakia, thank you for all the help and support you have given us so far. 

We also thank the Sigrid Rausing Trust for providing an extraordinary grant of £90,000 to support our activities. The grant will assist us to to support national and local efforts to assist people arriving from Ukraine, including providing legal information and accommodation referrals, advocacy for particularly vulnerable groups, as well as re-opening the organisation’s Kosice office.

Allen and Overy is a large law firm who provide their solicitors and barristers with the opportunity to volunteer for our activities and assist us with legal documents, thank you very much. 

Thank you to the Who Will Help Ukraine initiative for their support and help, Tesco Slovakia for the 1000 bottles of water to the station (you saved us when it was very much needed) and the Capital City of Bratislava for their excellent cooperation. 

We must not forget the great Ukrainian community that does the impossible, Slava Ukraini. 

We also thank the Migration Office of the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic for the excellent cooperation and the Slovak Bar Association and all the lawyers involved.

Together, we will definitely make it.