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Migration and Slovakia

What is the current situation in the Lesbos refugee camp?

Refugees and migrants come to the Lesbos refugee camp through the Mediterranean, with a vision and hope for a better and safer life. In the following interview you will find out what the island really looks like or how people live there - through the eyes of a journalist who visited the island.


Activities and Funding of the Humans Rights League organization

What is the Human Rights League, what type of legal orgnaization? How is it financed and how are these financed used? Na tieto a ďalšie otázky odpovedá riaditeľka Ligy Zuzana Števulová. The League's director Zuzana Števulová answers these and other questions.


Religious reasons for granting asylum

The League's director Zuzana Števulová and advocate Miroslava Mittelmannová advocate Miroslava Mittelmannová talk about the case of religious persecution as a reason for granting asylum. What are these religious reasons? How can persecution for religious reasons be proved? You can hear answers to these and other questions in this video.


Hoaxes vs facts

Thousands of migrants from Africa are heading to Slovakia

One of the most widespread hoaxes is that thousands of Africans head to us and are granted accommodation in Humenné. It is not true. Listen to the factual arguments given by our director Zuzka Števulová.


NGOs smuggle people

The hoax that non-governmental organizations operating rescue ships in the Mediterranean smuggle or help smuggle migrants is one of the most widespread that is spread through social networks. Listen to the factual arguments given by our director Zuzka Števulová.