Second Foreigners Roundtable: Goals for Integration

Where to find affordable and quality classes in the city? Are there any municipality outreach efforts for integration? How can you feel you can make an impact on your own integration process and what else is needed?
Our Foreigners roundtable series is focused on gathering foreigners and discussing their concerns while integrating to this wonderful city, Bratislava. Discover how integration is handled in other cities. Learn from the language providers' perspective. Together, we will brainstorm ideas and present them to the municipality to further our goals for successful integration.

The Human Rights League created a survey where foreigners themselves picked their main themes of interest. As a result, language acquisition and integration policies were the main topics for our next discussion.

The event will take place on 6th December 2018 at Bastova 5, starting at 18:00. Free admission.

You can find the outcome from the event here

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