Workshop for children with Uletenci comic book

We invite you and your kids to the Art Books Coffee Café for Saturday's creative time, during which you will find out about the stories of courageous heroes who were forced to leave their home and search for a new one in Slovakia. Their true stories became an inspiration for the authors for their comic book Uletenci.
These stories are narrated in an engaging form that young readers can easily understand.We have prepared a creative afternoon for them, where they can read excerpts from the comic book with the authors of the book, devise their own sequels for individual stories, add texts to empty bubbles, draw their own comic boxes, or color black and white images.

The joyful yet somewhat somber experiences of the main characters highlight their cultural differences, but also communicate that we all have similar desires and needs, such as the desire to have friends, study, and contribute to society. The comics convey the idea that the safety of a home and family presence are not to be taken for granted. They show that some people may face struggles due to where they come from, and that they require the help of others to overcome them. This comic book can serve as a tool for children to develop sensitivity on the topic of tolerance. The comic book was published by the Human Rights League, which has been supporting refugees and foreigners in Slovakia since 2005.

The event is suitable for children from 5 to 15 years old. In addition to the comic book authors, you will also be able to get acquainted with Faisal - a young Afghan boy who has been living and studying in Bratislava for several years and who will be happy to tell you his life story.

We are looking forward to seeing you on Saturday, May 11 at 13:00 at the Art Books Coffee at Baštová 6.

This activity is supported by the project Migration Compass of the operational program Effective Public Administration from the European Social Fund.

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