Podcast Migration Compass: we explain details about migration, integration and asylum.

We in the Human Rights League are starting a new podcast series in cooperation with .týždeň named Migration Compass that is focused on the topics of migration, integration and asylum. The aim of the podcast series is to improve awareness of the general public as well as of the leaders that influence the policy regulations in the given areas. 

The podcast series has 24 episodes that will guide its listeners through various topics, from the basic terms up to the expert analyses in the area of migration. We recorded interesting interviews with experts in this field as well as with people who are willing to share their personal story and experience. Would you like to know what is asylum and subsidiary protection? How can a person become stateless during his life? How does it feel to run from war at the age of fourteen without parents and travel six months alone by foot, ship or a truck? Are the terms refugee and  migrant the same?

Links to the latest episodes will be always added to the following list:
1. There are more than 70 milions of refugees. They are forced to leave due to wars or climate change.
2. Myths of the Slovak reality about refugees. Are we really in danger?
3. Asylum seeker is not a fake refugee. How a lawyer helps a person on the run?
4. Unaccompanied minors in the asylum procedure
5. Unaccompanied minors II (personal story, interview with a client)
6. Successful asylum cases
7. Personal story of a refugee (Reza)
8. What are the proceedings on administrative expulsion of foreigners? (Return policy)
9. Personal story of Mohammed from Syria who came to Europe on a boat
10. How does Germany manage the integration of refugees five years since the crisis?
11.I am a foreigner and I live in Bratislava (personal story of Paola)
12. What is integration of refugees and how it works?
13. Dublin Regulation and European Asylum Law
14. Financing of the asylum projects
15. How do the asylum camps work in Slovakia?
16. Facts about migration in the world and in Slovakia
17. I am a foreigner and I live in Bratislava II (personal story)
18. Overview of the residencies in Slovakia and the process for their obtaining 
19. I am a foreigner and I live in Bratislava III (personal story)
20. Economic migration, migration and integration policy
21. Foreigners in the Slovak cities
22. Bratislava, Slovakia and foreigners - what do they bring us?
23. Who are stateless people?
24. How is the citizenship obtained?

All the episodes are available at this website.  


This podcast is supported within the project Migration Compass funded from the Operational Programme Effective Public Administration of the European Social Fund.