Project aims to support and strengthen the position of foreign communities in Bratislava through online events.

Foreigners will learn important information for them in English as well as in Slovak from the HRL lawyers and other experts, local government representatives to whom interested people can ask questions or discuss the topics. Activities and communication with communities of foreigners will be provided by a cultural mediator (journalist). 

Project will help foreigners to access information necessary for their integration into life of the city of Bratislava. they will learn about changes of local policies, adopted measures and about plans of the city. We will increase their capacity to get engaged and participate with their knowledge and know how or imported innovation, for benefit of all the other communities in Bratislava. The activities related to the work with the community which has already been started during the KapaCITY project in Bratislava and we would like to start engaging foreigners in local politics with the view of upcoming local municipal and regional elections in 2022. We are interested in development of activities of cultural mediators from among foreigners in Bratislava, for the benefit of all people in Bratislava, and of the city itself. 

Cultural mediator will communicate with communities and foreigners in Bratislava especially through social media, she will follow events in communities, their needs and their communication about it. She will offer themes for livestreams and roundtable in order to offer the most updated information which is of interest to the foreigners at the given moment. Livestream and roundtable will host experts who will prepare information about the topic and will be ready to respond to your questions. 

The implementation of this project has been supported by the donation from the budget of the capital city Bratislava via the Foundation of the City of Bratislava.  

Cultural mediator: Anna Barseghyan,