Let's give refugees a chance I

The project was implemented from 1.4.2017 to 31.12.2017 .

This project is supported by the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic on the basis of the Grant Agreement for the promotion and protection of human rights and freedoms, and for the prevention of all forms of discrimination, racism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism and other manifestations of intolerance. 

The main objective of our project is to improve public awareness of refugees living in Slovakia and support for refugees and aliens themselves.

Our activities include:

1. Recognizing "refugees"

The aim of this activity is to enable the public to get acquainted with specific refugees or aliens living in Slovakia and to obtain objective information on migration. We filmed short videos with real people who were granted asylum or supplementary protection and who are available online as part of our e-learning.

The following workshops were organized:

  1. Workshop on Refugee Rights and Children's Rights for Young Leaders for the Haliganda Community Center
  2. Presentation of e-learning at the seminar of the OZ Marginal on Integration in Košice, for state administration, self-government, NGOs and refugees in Košice.
  3. In November 2017, we took part in a discussion with law students at UPJŠ Law School in Košice and with students of Gymnázium Alejová in Košice where we presented elearning and videos for students.
  4. Mining Social Innovation 13.10.2017 in Košice, Tabacka, where we presented our e-learning and video with Maryna from Kosice
  5. On the occasion of the Refugees Day, 20 June 2017, together with fugitive Naima, we prepared a workshop for OA Levice students, which you can read eg in the School Service and in the Učitelské noviny.

  1. In cooperation with the Police College, we have prepared a workshop for APZ students (29.9.2017), which has been selected by the Border and Alien Police Departments, and they can return and use it in the future in the future.
  2. In cooperation with Slovak Scouting, Zuzana Števulová prepared a workshop for scouts as part of the regular Skaut Symposium 2017 in Zilina (21.10.2017) where she presented elearning and videos and talked to Scouts about the integration of refugees in Slovakia.
  3. Finally, On 23.11.2017, there was a workshop and discussion held in Viliam Pauliny-Tóth Grammar School, Martin, where Zuzana Števulová talked about the integration of refugees, their lives in Slovakia, videos and elearning.

2. Integration Forum 2017

We have been organizing the Integration Forum as a meeting of experts in migration and integration since 2013. It is the only activity of its kind in Slovakia, where experts from state administration, self-government, non-governmental organizations, refugee representatives and various other experts meet and discuss specific issues related to migration and integration. Our goal is always to connect not only Slovak experts but also people dealing with the theme at least in the V4 countries and also to bring inspirational insights from activities carried out abroad. In r. In 2016, US experts or mayor of the Polish city of Slupsk came to the Forum, adopting the first integration strategy as part of a city development plan. Regular outputs from the Forum are also expert recommendations and specific proposals to improve current migration and integration practices.

3. Support leaders who are refugees and foreigners - give them a voice

In the long run, we are trying to support young leaders and leaders among the communities of foreigners and refugees living in Slovakia so that they are able to stand out in public and defend their rights and interests. We believe that their positive example and personal experience can positively influence changes in public opinion and xenophobic moods. At the same time, however, these people need to work systematically and over the long term to strengthen their ability and skills to act independently. In the past, we organized media skills training (with a lecturer - writer Michal Hvorecký), training focused on community organization, or training on writing projects and raising funding for projects.

We organized training in Vienna in 2017, focusing on presentations of initiatives in cooperation with refugees. We visited the Magdas Hotel and the Habibi and Hawar Restaurant - interesting social businesses that run directly with refugees and try to scent the local community. In both establishments, we introduced our concept, business plan, and communication with the public and PR, their "secret recipe" for success. The visit was very inspirational and we hope that we will soon see similar projects in Slovakia :)

V reštaurácii Habibi and Hawara V reštaurácii Habibi and Hawara Hotel Magdas Hotel Magdas Hotel Magdas - interiér Hotel Magdas - interiér Hotel Magdas Hotel Magdas Ponuka v Habibi and Hawara Ponuka v Habibi and Hawara Habibi and Hawara Habibi and Hawara Hotel Magdas Hotel Magdas Prednáška v hotel Magdas Prednáška v hotel Magdas Prednáška v hotel Magdas Prednáška v hotel Magdas Hotel Magdas - účasntníčky cesty Hotel Magdas - účasntníčky cesty Hotel Magdas Hotel Magdas Účastník cesty z Tibetu a kultúrny mediátor Ligy Účastník cesty z Tibetu a kultúrny mediátor Ligy Účastníci Účastníci Hotel Magdas Hotel Magdas Účastníčka so San Salvador Účastníčka so San Salvador V hoteli Magdas V hoteli Magdas