Migrant Empowerment for Diversity in Slovakia
Project duration: 1 October 2021 - 30 September 2022

The project activities are designed based on the findings of the Analysis of the situation related to legal protection of victims of hate crime in Slovakia and recommendations of our Position Paper. We aim for tolerance-building, openness, and awareness of shared values and for combatting disinformation about Islam, migrants, and refugees in Slovakia. The project will also empower community members through empowerment sessions educating them about their rights, accessible support and community activism. Lastly, the project focuses on sensitizationof the society and fostering of a better understanding and improved dialogue between Muslims, migrants, refugees and general population through communication campaign.

During the project we will organize: 
  • 1 press conference
  • support 15 persons with refugee or foreign background through empowerment meeting
  • promote tolerance via online campaign, and 
  • record 4 dedicated podcasts. 
The MED SK project is funded with the sum of 7.000 USD by the Government of the United States of America under the Small Grants Program.