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Newsletter pre cudzincov v angličtine 12/2019

Súhrn noviniek a plánovaných podujatí v Banskej Bystrici, Bratislave, Košiciach a Trnave.

Below you can find the latest news and upcoming events in Banská Bystrica, Bratislava, Košice and Trnava in just one look - we hope you will enjoy this information and that it will be helpful to you.

Enjoy the reading!

The Human Rights League team

Don’t forget about some important public holidays where most stores and shops will be closed including the 24th, 25th of December and the 1st of January.
During these dates the emergency services and public transport will still be available. In either case, remember to mark these dates or ask your favorite shops what their opening hours look like.

Suggest the best athlete of the city for 2019
Banská Bystrica is a city of sports. As every year, if you live in Banská Bystrica, you can suggest the name of one of your favorite athletes. In addition to individual awards, this year there will be awards for sport teams but also for workers who contributed to the city's reputation in the field of sport. You can send you suggestions until January 13th. For more information, click here.
Parent effective training also as a gift "Education without losers", 11 December
Are  you a parent or an educator? Come and join this course where you can discuss about communication skills and a respectful approach to children. The courses are accessible to small groups. This guarantees a very individual approach theoretical but not only. This is a regular event.
11 December, from 16:30 to 19:00
Where? MUDRE SOVY - súkromné oddychové a vzdelávacie centrum, Zelena 2, B. Bystrica
For more information, click here.
Let's not sin against Slovak, 14 December
A workshop to learn everything you might not have known about Slovak language. This meeting will focus on  problem solving in the field of translation. It can interest translators...but not only!
When? From 10:00 to 15:00. For more information, click here.

Christmas Markets until 23 December
New Vegan market, 13 December
Christmas markets are usually all over the Old Town but recently they have expanded to Eurovea and Dulovo Square as well. They usually start up around November 22nd and last until December 23rd, be sure to stop by to taste some "varené víno" (mulled wine) and traditional food with a Christmas twist! Another beautiful addition to these markets is the new Vegan Christmas Market at Umelka pub which will be hosted by Vegday, starting on December 13th all the way up until December 23rd. For further information about the vegan Christmas market, click here

Janoska ensemble meets Richard Galliano, 17 December
The City Sounds Festival brings the concert of the legendary accordionist Richard Galliano as a guest of the world famous quartet Janoska Ensemble. 
When? From 20:00
Where? Great Concert Studio of the Slovak Radio, Mýtna 1, Bratislava
To purchase your ticket, click here

Don’t dress for dinner! (play) 19 December
If you’re a fan of theater but don’t speak Slovak well enough to go and see a Slovak play, the student theater group Actofkaa proudly presents: Don’t dress for dinner! This English play will take place on December 19th, at MMC on Sancova Street. You can purchase tickets online in the link below. For more information about the event, click here. To purchase tickets, click here
New Year's Eve party, 31 December
Last but not least let's not forget about the big New Year’s Eve party happening on the 31st of December! Most of old-town Bratislava will be lit with countdown clocks from 9pm and concerts from 7pm and lots and lots of fireworks so be sure to check it out!

Calligraphy exhibition, 26 November to 23 February
International House of Arts for Children Bibiana will delight children in Košice with another interactive exhibition. Visitors will be able to write text in a wedge font, assemble picture sentences from hieroglyphs or practice decorative writing with a brush or a clipped pen. For those who are not yet able to write, there is a painted alphabet by illustrator Alena Wagnerová prepared, or artistic text of poet Ján Smrek. 
When? Tuesday - 26. 11. 2019 - Sunday - 23. 02. 2020 - 10:00 - 18:00 
Where: Kasárne//Kulturpark , Kukučínova 2, Košice 
Price: 1 €
For further information, click here
Theatre Romathan, 9 December
Premiere: Roma (gypsy) bloody violin - a dramatic story taking place in contemporary times and speaking about one of the greatest ailments of the today's society - human greediness and ambition. 
When? At 18:00
Where? Veritas centre, Dominicam Square, Košice 
For further information, click here
Today you are not going anywhere anymore (play), 12 December
A trivial everyday story. A student is leaving her home to take exams at school. A normal day. Unworthy of attention. What happens if this common situation gets out of control? Two unknown men attack a girl and brutally beat her. For unknown reasons. There is no explanation. Authorities and the state do not protect a girl, but turn against her. In this multi-genre play of Košice theatre Thalia you can see this story from different perspectives. Three persons meet with a beaten girl in three different ways. 
When? At 19:00
Where? Theatre Thalia Színház, Mojmirova street no. 1,Košice 
For further information, click here

Exchange of music records, 14 December
We invite you to the next LP Music Exchange! One of the other Music LPs will be held in Košice on 14th December 2019 from 13:00. The Exchange will be held in the modern premises of the University Library of TUKE B. Nemcova 7. The Exchange is allowed to sell only music, SP, LP, CD, DVD, cassettes, along with posters and books dedicated to music, do not carry anything for sale other! 
When: from 13:00 to 18:00 
Where: Univerzitná Knižnica Technickej Univerzity v Košiciach,Boženy Němcovej 7, 04200 Kosice, Slovakia 
Price: for free
For further information, click here.

Christmas in an animal shelter, 21 December
Last Saturday before Christmas, an animal shelter comes alive with a Christmas atmosphere. Come to give the abandoned dogs the most valuable thing for them - your time and love. Together with you we will decorate the Christmas tree for dogs, at the end we have warm tea or small snacks. You can visit us at any time of the day. 
When: from 9:00 to16:00 
Where: Útulok UVP Košice, Cesta pri Haniske 722, Kosice, Slovakia
Price: for free 
For more information, click here.

Advent Market, Trnava, various times and places, 29 November - 20 December
While nobody can miss the market in the main square, make sure to check out the program for various performances, including fellow foreigner Graeme Mark on Dec 10, the medieval market beside Sv. Mikulas Bazilika, and concerts in the Sv. Jakub church. 
Admission: free
For the program, click here
Why are Slovaks like that? How history has influenced the Slovak personality, 11 December
Reserved, passive, family oriented: these are some of the stereotypes of Slovak behaviour. A panel discussion with experts will focus, in English, on how the events of history influence who Slovaks are today - their attitudes, perceptions, and patterns of behaviour. Communism especially still affects people who never experienced it, formed by their environment and transgenerational trauma. This topic is important not only for foreigners to better understand the people they now live with, but also for Slovaks to better understand themselves.  
When? From 18:00
Where? Kubik (Maly Berlin), Štefániková 4, Trnava
Admission: free
For more information, click here.
Pošli to ďalej (quilting exhibition and workshops), 11 and 12-15 December
Patchwork Tirnavia, a group that makes quilts for the neonatal unit in a hospital, is hosting an exhibition of their work on the 11th, followed by three days of workshops showing how to sew quilts by hand. Come, join and learn this traditional craft, a perfect time to both create something beautiful and functional while also chatting with friends. 
When? On 11 December from 17:00 and from 12 to 15 December from 9:00 to 18:00
Where? Kaplnke západného krídla radnice, Hlavná 1, Trnava
Admission: free entry
For further information, click here
Christmas Barter Market, 14 December
Declutter your place and bring stuff (in good condition) you don't use to the barter market (max two bags per person/family) to donate or trade for things you do want. It's environmentally friendly, economically saving, and a place to meet other like-minded people. Proceeds will be donated to various charities in Trnava. 
When? From 10:00 to 16:00
Where? Mariánska sála - Františkánska 34, Trnava
Admission: 2 € per person over 15 years old
Christmas Concert, 29 December  
Apart from the concerts listed in the Advent Program is this concert at the Basilica with the Slovak chamber orchester led by Bohdana Warchala, soloists for the National Slovak Theatre, and two choirs. The main part of the program will consist of the Slovak composer Marian Kittner's Christmas Mass inspired by Slovak folklore. 
When? From 16:00
Where? Bazilika sv. Mikuláša, Trnava
Admission: n/a
For further information, click here