Marshal Ramesh Pandya:
Marshal Ramesh Pandya: "Learning to pull toilet paper was one of the biggest cultural challenges since my arrival to Europe."


I am from Mumbai, India. My father was a very high cast Hindu brahmin, whereas my mother was a Catholic. They were both from very different regions in India. However, they both met in Mumbai where they were working and eventually got married and settled there. Soon I was born and was raised up in a city environment.

Marine: "Despite growing up in Alps, I did not find mountains fascinating, but Tatras bewitched me."


Except in History and Geography lessons (looking for European capitals), I had not heard much about Slovakia. I had never thought of coming here. But I had a good work opportunity. Being curious and after having a look on Internet to see pictures of Bratislava, I thought "why not" without really knowing what I would find.

Current Conditions of Entry of Foreign Nationals to the territory of the Slovak Republic
Current Conditions of Entry of Foreign Nationals to the territory of the Slovak Republic


We’ve prepared an overview of currently valid conditions for the entry of foreigners into the Slovak Republic within the project “Access to Justice in the protection of migrants right to private and family life, including rights of LGBTI migrants”, as we frequently receive numerous questions from foreigners and their family members about the conditions of arrival in Slovakia during this pandemic.

Naomi Huzovicova:
Naomi Huzovicova: "No country is perfect, but every country has its strong points and its beauties; it’s up to us to find them."


I admit that it wasn’t until college that I had any idea of a country called Slovakia. Czechoslovakia existed somewhere in the dimly lit area of acquired knowledge, but I can’t say I had ever paid attention to it.