A foreigner’s guide to applying for a residence permit:

  The "Tutorial for Migrants”, designed for those who have decided to temporarily or permanently settle in Slovakia, provides an overview of the life situations and questions most frequently asked by our clients.

We understand that success in obtaining and restoring residence often depends on being attentive to details, preventing misunderstandings, and being aware of various options. Thus, the guide includes a basic overview of rights and obligations, specific (anonymous) case studies and practical solutions.


Please do not hesitate and read this guide (for example, while waiting for a reply from the foreigner police).


This publication was published with the financial support of the European Commission, the European Fund for the Integration of Third-Country Nationals, Solidarity and Management of Migration Flows, project code SK 2011 EIF P1 / 9 / IP under the project "Legal counseling for residence and citizenship 3".


The contents of the publication are the sole responsibility of the Human Rights League.