Breakfast with Journalists: 22 May 2018

As members of the European Migration Network (EMN) in Slovakia, the International Organization for Migration (IOM), Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family, and the Human Rights League organized a work breakfast with journalists on 22 May 2018 on the topic of migration and media integration in Bratislava. Apart from the journalists and organizers, representatives from the Immigration Office and the Committee for Prevention and Eradication of Racism, Xenophobia, Anti-Semitism under the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic also took part in the event.

This meeting aimed to present expert recommendations on the issue of migration and media integration, the needs and barriers in communicating these themes and the importance of using the correct concepts. Members of the European Migration Network also informed media representatives about the current migration situation and presented the agenda and activities of key actors in the area of migration in Slovakia. At the same time, the participants presented and distributed the outputs of the EMN, which provide an overview of the development and organization of migration and asylum policies in Slovakia and Europe.

The Human Rights League also presented its e-learning resources and videos about refugees to the general public, as well as the KapaCITY project being implemented with the help of local authorities.